At present, Botai does not forget its "original intention" to overcome the difficulties

Column:Company News Time:2020-05-18

April 27, 2020, Shenzhen). More and more companies pursue the development mode of globalization, and there is an unprecedented demand for new technologies. Botai is strongly aware of the changes in the market. Under the epidemic situation in 2020, Brotech developed and produced a composite folding molding machine, making a modest contribution to the fight against the epidemic. At present, Botai's technical team worked hard day and night, and the first composite folding molding machine was officially launched on April 1.

At the same time, the company's digital intelligent post-processing equipment is still in orderly shipment. As the saying goes, "the situation makes heroes", Botai insists on its own development under the epidemic situation, and its business is still in full swing. Recently, brotech cdf330 goods were sent to Mexico, and brotech dp330 was sent to the Middle East, Brazil, Taiwan and brotech Sdf330 export to Latin America... Although the current epidemic, but still with the fastest speed to resume production, and has been ready to fight a protracted war. In this extraordinary period, to ensure better supply of equipment to global customers, to meet customer production needs. After the epidemic, Brotech will increase its service mode with the adjustment of market development trend. As the saying goes, thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and thousands of trees are in front of the sick trees. In the face of crisis, some people see suffering, others see vitality. Walking in the difficult 2020, I hope we can all be like "bamboo and stone": firmly hold the Castle Peak, do not relax, root in the broken rock. After thousands of grinding and thousands of blows, the wind is still strong.