AccurioLabel230 Successfully settled in Hong Kong, Botai continues to help the near line system of intelligent digital post processing

Column:Company News Time:2020-03-30


Recently, accurio label 230 was officially installed in Hong Kong for the first time.

In 2016, Brotech cooperated with Konica Minolta and successfully developed accurio label 190, which was widely welcomed by the market. AccurioLabel 230 is the further work of Konica Minolta and Brotech. It is a volume to volume digital label printing machine developed for small batch, high printing quality and variable data requirements. It adopts the latest toner technology of Konica Minolta. The physical printing precision is 1200dpi × 1200dpi, the maximum printing width is 330mm, the fastest printing speed is 23.4m/min, and the printing materials are wide, without coating and coating Pretreatment and other processes.

Through years of technology accumulation and industry insight, based on the real needs of users, Brotech has been actively innovating and researching. This new product, which takes "digital near line system" as the design concept, forms the "best partner" with the digital printing machine, bringing more unexpected and efficient solutions and unlimited potential label printing and processing space to customers and the industry.

Brotech digital near line intelligent post-processing system includes full modular flexo printing, die-cutting and other units, which can meet customers' requirements for post printing processing. It has the characteristics of multiple functions, simple operation, improving production efficiency, reducing the loss of raw materials, and green environmental protection. It breaks the traditional offline and online thinking mode, truly achieves product diversification, provides comprehensive integrated solutions for enterprise users, and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

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