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Column:Company News Time:2019-12-18

Labelexpo Asia 2019 opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on December 3.

As your post-processing housekeeper, Botai Digital Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. once again became the focus of the exhibition. It customized the post printing to processing solutions for customers, and sincerely considered for customers. It also showed the latest technological products - connection system, which increased the work efficiency. Botai pursued high precision, high speed, high quality and high efficiency "Four high" policy, more perfect to meet the market demand, more leisurely to face the future opportunities and challenges. Botai arrived at the exhibition site with SDF, TR BF and CDF, the largest and most authoritative label exhibition in Asia, and made zero distance contact with customers.

Your solution finishing partner.

Through years of technology accumulation and industry insight, based on the real needs of users, Brotech has been actively innovating and researching. This new product, which takes "digital near line system" as the design concept, forms the "best partner" with the digital printing machine, bringing more unexpected and efficient solutions and unlimited potential label printing and processing space to customers and the industry.

Brotech digital near line intelligent post-processing system includes modular flexographic printing, die-cutting and other units, which can meet the needs of customers for post printing processing. It has the characteristics of multiple functions, simple operation, improving production efficiency, reducing the loss of raw materials, and green environmental protection. It breaks the traditional offline and online thinking mode, truly achieves product diversification, provides comprehensive integrated solutions for enterprise users, and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Mr. Yao Yi, chairman of label printing branch of China Printing Industry Association, commented: This is an innovative masterpiece with cross era significance for the label industry. Its innovation is not only the perfect connection between diversified post-processing functions and digital printing, but also a new thinking and new pattern of breaking the traditional label equipment concept and redefining the "whole process of digital label printing" If we put it into actual production, we can understand its innovative definition of "creating value for customers". Finally, Mr. Yao once again wishes Mr. Li and Brotech his contribution to the label industry to a new level and explore the new regulations!

At the end of 2019, Borotech tells you through practical actions that we are still exploring and struggling on the road of labels! Looking back at 2019, Botai has gone through Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, North America and other parts of the world step by step. Our team is growing, our products are getting more and more recognition, and the voice of our industry is getting louder and louder.