Teachers and students of Xi'an University of technology enter Botai and have a dialogue with modern label printing

Column:Company News Time:2019-07-22

On the morning of July 22, Hou Heping and sun Bangyong, a freshman from school of printing, packaging and digital media, Xi'an University of technology, visited Britech for exchange and study.

As a cooperative enterprise of Xi'an University of technology, Brotech warmly welcomes the students. At the exchange meeting, the deputy general manager of Brotech started from the development history of Brotech company, from small to large, so that students can more clearly and deeply feel the rapid development of digital label printing and post-processing industry. Let students out of the classroom, rethink and understand the label printing industry. Then Mr. Zhao introduced the prospects of the label industry and the digital printing industry to the students, analyzed the industry pain points, and encouraged the students to seriously study the textbook knowledge and lay a good foundation.

Finally, let's go to the production workshop and get to know Brotech digital label post printing processing equipment from zero distance. It makes students have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding and learning for digital label printing and post-processing