Brotech takes the first step in 2019 in dscoop India

Column:Company News Time:2019-01-19

On January 11, 2019, Brotech took part in the first local activity of dscoop held in India in New Delhi. The local event was held at the same time as CEIC. Hence. At the event site, Michelman, polyplex, peleman, Esko and other enterprises participated in the activity. The activity was held in the form of a speech. The speech was exciting and the scene was very hot.

India is a booming consumer market, but there are only a few local manufacturers in India, which makes the demand for equipment and products made in China growing in the region. In recent years, Brotech has always attached great importance to India, which is a very potential market. Naturally, the first local activity of dscoop in India will not be missed. After the India Label exhibition in 2018, Brotech has further demonstrated its elegant demeanor as a pioneer of digital factor post processing in India's printing industry.