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Column:Company News Time:2018-11-02

Brotech is one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises to enter the field of post-processing in China, which has been studying for more than 10 years. Mr. Li Xin, the leader and managing director of the company, has advanced vision and keen sense of smell in the printing industry. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, he aimed at the post-processing field of narrow format printing, and was optimistic about the future of label and flexo printing. Mr. Li Xin always emphasizes the development concept of "one step faster, innovation and victory". He has devoted a lot of effort and money to the company's R & D team, firmly holding the "made in China" technology in his own hands. He has achieved today's integration of R & D, production, sales and after-sales service, and is committed to providing high-quality post printing processing solutions for high-end packaging and digital label users at home and abroad Brotech of the case.

Flexible printing + die cutting + cutting + stamping + silk screen printing + reeling + testing + collection and other post-processing units can be modular combination, according to customer needs to give the most perfect intelligent post-processing solutions; more than 30 national invention patents, more than 50 new utility patents; more than 10 sets of mature and leading post-processing solutions; with the world's leading digital solution suppliers HP, Ke Nica Minolta and Xeikon have reached official partnership and are close partners of Coca Cola's personalized packaging. The equipment is exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania

Knowing that the road ahead is difficult, we still forge ahead, persist in innovation, and walk out of their own unique road; let the world-famous digital printing companies stretch out their olive branches to cooperate with a Chinese printing equipment enterprise on an equal footing; let China's equipment sell well in Europe and the United States, where it is difficult to open up the market; we have always been a low-key person, steadfast in research and development, and not keen on publicity This is Broyech, a Chinese printing equipment manufacturer who is "more famous abroad than at home".

At this all printing exhibition, Xiaobian and his colleagues (Su Yi, sales director of yinsou media) also had the honor to interview Mr. Zhao Gang, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. Let's take a look at the excellent post press processing solutions brought by Brotech all press exhibition to the printing industry, and see what surprises it will bring to the industry on the development path of "intelligent" and "digital"?

Zhao Gang (right), deputy general manager of Brotech and Su Yi (middle), sales director of yinsou media

Brotech intelligent Postpress solution series

Six intelligent post-processing solutions including SDF intelligent screen flat iron label post-processing system, CDF standard digital printing post-processing system, DL label multi-function die-cutting system, TR multi-axis non-stop system, FS label slitting rewinding and detection system, HS high-speed semi-automatic slitting and rewinding system, etc.

Among them, CDF, with reasonable module combination and excellent and stable performance, is a popular cosmetics country in South Korea, which can accurately and efficiently complete the post press processing processes such as die cutting, cold stamping, glazing and film internal standard collection; dl330 is equipped with the newly developed high-speed flat die cutting unit, with low noise, no vibration, accurate die-cutting, and the maximum speed can reach 400 times / min It can greatly reduce the cost of knife skin and improve the rate of return on investment. FS full servo high-speed detection system can detect samples with the maximum width of 520mm at a high speed of 300 meters per minute. It can detect 100% defects, improve customer satisfaction rate, and can complete slitting and rewinding at the same time. HS is a high-speed semi-automatic Slitter developed by Botai to meet the needs of customers in the Chinese market. After reaching the set number of labels, the two axes switch automatically, reducing manual operation and increasing production efficiency by 3 times

Mr. Jin Hui, sales manager of Botai, specially introduced the no-stop system of Botai tr to the editor. TR is mainly aimed at the label market with a large number of applications such as logistics labels, airport luggage strips, tickets, etc. after setting the number of meters or labels of small rolls, the TR can automatically realize the function of replacing large rolls with small rolls without stopping the machine; it has been put into production in many enterprises at home and abroad. With automatic labeling, automatic paper core, hot melt adhesive automatic coating and other invention patents.

TR non stop system

Mr. Zhao Gang, deputy general manager of Botai, introduced: the star products of Botai booth are SDF intelligent screen flat stamping label processing system integrating screen printing and stamping. As soon as the post-processing solution is launched, this intelligent solution has attracted much attention, and has excellent performance and huge application development potential in the field of high-end label processing. This time, Botai has developed the relief hot stamping & screen printing UV process effect, ordinary screen printing UV ink can complete exquisite stamping and UV glazing, saving high material cost of digital ink-jet for enterprises. SDF is welcomed and recognized by European and American markets in the field of red wine label processing. The innovative silk screen printing and ironing technology and the perfect combination of the two will surely bring infinite possibilities to the high-end label processing field.

SDF intelligent screen flat iron label post processing system

Relief gilding & screen printing UV sample

One stop digital post processing solution

Regarding the surprise brought by Botai in digital processing solutions, Mr. Zhao Gang mentioned two mature breakthrough achievements.

Perfect match with HP

The upsurge of digital printing in China has lasted for a long time, and Botai's attention to digital printing began when it was still a cold door in China. While everyone is still paying attention to digital printing, Botai has been committed to the intelligent digital post-processing system connected with digital printing equipment, and has independently developed a mature one-stop digital post-processing solution.

The solution is perfectly connected with HP indigo 7200, which is applied to the popular field of personalized image customization, and can realize the cutting, laminating and embossing of single samples of different sizes at the same time. Foreign customers have been put into use, and there is also a well-known enterprise in China (temporarily confidential) put into operation, and continue to add 7 orders.

Perfect cooperation between Minolta and Kodak

As we all know, Konica Minolta has launched a new popular industrial label digital printing system accurio label 190 this year. The connection and appearance combination of the winding unit and digital printing unit of this device is the perfect cooperation between comer and Botai. At present, accurio label 190 has sold more than 20 sets in Asia and will continue to be sold all over the world. Botai will also continue to maintain a good win-win relationship with Konica Minolta.

Sales status of Chinese printing equipment enterprises in China

Speaking of Botai's sales market in China, Mr. Zhao Gang said: "Chinese people think that foreign printing equipment is good and the price is normal. As soon as I encounter domestic equipment, I keep pushing down prices or negotiating terms in the form of installment payment, which is the most troublesome thing for me at the All India exhibition. "

He stressed that Botai's equipment, from technology to parts to shell, is well-made: its patents, servo shaftless transmission, nickel plating on the surface, etc., fully comply with international standards and are widely recognized by international customers.

At the same time, he also hopes that we Chinese can face up to our own brands, pay attention to product functions and technological innovation, give more trust to "Chinese brands", and jointly promote "made in China".

Mr. Zhao Gang is explaining the bronzing samples to us

Finally, he said: "Botai has been focusing on the field of digital post-processing and has invested in research and development. Next year, there will be a new product conference in the great printing exhibition. Please look forward to it."

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