Brotech and HP cooperate again on DL and hp6800 connection system

Column:Company News Time:2020-07-14

In this era of faster and faster technological innovation, printing and subsequent processes are widely used in books, journals, magazines, books, manuals, advertising brochures and other products that need to be bound. The automatic connection system develops to high speed and automation, and its functions are constantly improved. Botai cooperated with HP again, DL and hp6800 connection system launched customized and personalized book cover processing scheme for Tiger color printing. Botai adheres to the consistent principle of "high quality, high speed and high technology", and fully applies the mature equipment and technological innovation concept again. It provides new ideas for the customers in the book cover processing industry through the processes of connection, embossing, slitting, die cutting and collection.

In DL and hp6800 link system, a new folding process is added. Folding is a key step in post press binding. It folds large-scale printing sheet into required format folding. It is mainly used for folding of books and periodicals, and folding of advertising materials. The form of folding has broken through the limitations of simple book posts, and has realized the combination of folding and other post press processing, such as instructions, brochures, catalogues, maps, direct mail envelopes, brochures, etc., which often include folding, binding, horse riding, cutting, die cutting, etc.; Brotech has been constantly developing, improving and perfecting the function of folding system, and combining folding technology with others The combination of post press processing technology shortens the production process and greatly improves the production efficiency. Another bright spot is the DL die cutting system, which directly servo drives the die cutting unit. It is flexible and changeable. It can be upgraded according to the needs of customers, and the operation is simple and convenient. DL and hp6800 system can meet the needs of a small number of publications and customized book cover processing.

At present, Brotech has successfully installed more than ten DL and hp6800 display systems to Tiger color printing (such as Beijing, Shaoxing, Shandong, etc.), which has been recognized and praised by the chairman of Tiger color. In the near future, Brotech will cooperate with HP, focus on technology research and development, and will not forget the "ingenuity" quality, to provide customers with better printing solutions.