Brotech Patented Automatic Slitting system
Column:Company News Time:2021-08-28

Brotech Patented Automatic Slitting system

The automatic slitting system is Brotech's patented design for improving the efficiency and accuracy of the label slitting process.
The system will automatically adjust the knife without separating the web, it essentially consists of two shafts, with the lower blades on the lower shaft and the upper blades on the upper shaft, the upper knives are attached. Both shafts are rotating, Which ensures a long service life for the know units, and a clean longitudinal cut is guaranteed.
For exact slitting, the knives' position will be set up in the system,   the upper and lower knives are simultaneously adjusted to the preset ones by the adjustment mechanism positions. This ensures that the knives are always at the correct distance and with the correct pressure on each other to stand, These knives are locked on the respective shafts with compressed air. This guarantees a secure hold during operation.
The knife setting works reliably even when the path is carried out. The path must be used to adjust the knives can no longer be disconnected in the machine, as is the case with manual adjustment. The setting of the different knife positions is done by entering digits in the display. Up to 16 knives can be configured in the unit and with a minimum distance of 25 mm to each other, freely positionable. Even a setting process with many different knife positions can be completed within seconds. This simplifies the handling of the automatic compared to the manual setting and thus not only ensures comfort but also significantly shorter set-up times between different jobs.
A very important advantage, however, is that the risk of injury compared to the manual setting of the knives is significantly minimized. Handling tools to adjust the knife positions are no longer necessary and thereby largely averted the risk of accidents.