Dreams set sail丨Welcome interns from Xi'an University of Technology to come to our company for internship!

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-25

In this beautiful July, the internship season for college students is coming as scheduled. As the vice chairman unit of the Alumni Enterprise Alliance of Xi'an University of Technology, Brotech has always cooperated closely with Xi'an University of Technology.

In the past few years,Brotech has reached cooperation with Xi'an University of Technology for many times, accepting students to come to our company for internships, allowing students to walk out of the classroom and feel more clearly and profoundly that the label printing and digital printing intelligent post-processing industry is changing with each passing day. of rapid development.

On July 5th, Brotech  located in the famous cultural city of Jiang, welcomed six top students from Xi'an University of Technology - Wan Liangliang, Cheng Ruiqian, Cao Tianxiao, Yang Jie, Kang Chanchan and Yang Huimin. In the next 5-week internship, they will be assigned to production, quality inspection, process testing, and technical jobs in groups of two people to have a rotating experience and learn the key points of each process technology.

They are quiet and reserved, childish and ignorant; they are full of vigor and dream. Although we have come to an unfamiliar living environment, the big family of Brotech will warmly welcome these new members with strong arms and warm embraces!

This school-enterprise cooperation has injected new blood into Brotech and laid a solid foundation for better cooperation between the two parties in the future. It is hoped that the interns will learn and consolidate theoretical knowledge in practice, accumulate work experience and social experience, stay true to their original aspirations, make a worthwhile trip, and show their style on the stage of Brotech!

As the first stop for interns to enter the society, summer internships are of great significance to them, and we will continue to share their study and life in Brotech.

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