SDF PLUS 330 shipped to South Africa

Column:Company News Time:2022-07-29

Another SDF PLUS 330 was sent to the customer site in South Africa!

The whole machine is fully servo-driven, fully modularized, and integrates multiple functions. Customers will use it for the production of high-end red wine labels~

SDF PLUS is suitable for the production of short orders, medium and long orders, and has three characteristics of high scalability, easy operation and high efficiency. Modular design of the whole machine, and a variety of units are available for purchase to maximize the flexibility of combined post-processing; the movable control panel is easy to set up and operate; each module is directly driven by a server, which can adapt to the needs of the terminal market. Complex orders and process requirements greatly improve work efficiency.

The device configuration sent this time is as follows:

✅ Unwinding unit

✅ Flat hot stamping unit

✅ Dual intermittent flexo units

✅ Flat screen unit

✅ Intermittent die cutting unit

✅ Rewinding unit