It's time for youth

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-09

Time flies, white horses pass by. In the blink of an eye, the young students from Western Li have spent a month in Brotech. They have also experienced the understanding and study of multiple positions in the technical department, quality inspection department, production department and other departments, and the students have gained a lot.

At the meeting, the students spoke enthusiastically, described their experience and gains in Brotech practice, and raised a series of questions about the industry and their own career development.

Facing the passionate students of Western Studies, senior staff of Brotech, seniors Zhang Songshan and Sun Wenzheng who graduated from Western Studies, shared their own experiences with the students: Joining Brotech after graduating from university, from a graduate to a senior project The manager's learning and growth process allows students to deeply understand the qualities and abilities that a qualified technical engineer should possess. At the same time, they also encouraged the trainees to actively participate in the research of practical topics, so as to make plans and pave the way for their future career development.

Finally, on behalf of Brotech, Vice President of Technology Hou Fei presented each student with souvenirs of this summer practice, recording the students' practice in a customized photo album. The photo album was produced by the partner's digital printing equipment + Brotech's digital The intelligent post-processing system is finished.

The student representative, Cheng Ruiqian, said: "During these days, colleagues from Brotech took great care of us. They answered a lot of problems we encountered during the internship, taught us a lot of practical knowledge, and helped us. Better integration of theoretical knowledge and practical operation. At the same time, the managers are also meticulous care for us in life, asking for warmth, caring about our clothing, food, housing and transportation. During their busy schedules, they lead us to visit Zhenjiang's scenic cultural relics and understand Zhenjiang's terroir and history. During this unforgettable day, we felt the strong enthusiasm and warmth from Brotech. Here, we are very grateful for Brotech's warm hospitality and internship guidance, and on behalf of the Printing Engineering Excellence Class, we would like to express our most sincere thanks!"