Column:Company News Time:2022-08-22

Affected by the COVID-19, the upcoming LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 will be the largest international exhibition in the industry in the past three years. We are looking forward to and cherish this opportunity to communicate with exhibitors around the world, and hope to share the most cutting-edge technology research and development results of Brotech with you.

As the only Chinese brand provider of intelligent post-processing solutions for digital printing in this exhibition, Brotech is also the Chinese exhibitor with the largest booth area. We always adhere to the international development strategy and continue to develop overseas markets.

On this international stage, Brotech will launch 6 cutting-edge machines and exchange the latest digital finishing solutions face-to-face with customers from all over the world.

SDF PLUS intelligent modular digital printing label post-processing system, the whole machine is fully servo-driven, fully modular design, integrated with multi-function, suitable for the post-processing of high value-added labels such as wine labels and luxury goods.

SDF-E digital label post-processing system adopts modular design, which is a system that integrates perfect cost performance and multi-functional solutions. It can be expanded according to the process requirements, the operation is simple, and the material waste can be minimized.

CDF digital label finishing system is a cost-effective entry-level label finishing equipment, which integrates full rotary flexo printing, varnishing, cold foiling, lamination, intermittent die cutting, slitting and rewinding, which can meet the needs of most Label post-processing requirements, powerful and comprehensive functions, simple and convenient operation.

SDD330 digital die-cutting system adopts innovative patented design, modular design, and supports any combination of single cutter head and multi cutter head. Maximize to meet the needs of customized, small batches, and short lead times.

The SMS shrink sleeve labeling gassing system is driven by a full server, equipped with an ultrasonic correction sensor, an automatic width adjustment system and a variety of gassing mechanisms. Quality and efficient production process.

TDL desktop die-cutting machine is a small-scale label post-processing system focused on small batch production, suitable for production and proofing of low-to-medium-speed, small batch orders. Due to the small size of the equipment, it can be directly placed in offices and other places, without the limitation of space, the operation is simple and fast, and the order conversion is flexible.

Brotech will showcase our latest and most cutting-edge post-printing processing equipment at the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 event, and a professional team will demonstrate and answer you on the spot. We look forward to meeting you at booth number HALL F -NO.5621.