CDF Digital Label Finishing System

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-27

CDF series is an entry-level, popular and best-selling multi-functional digital label post-processing system that is popular among domestic and foreign customers. It integrates flexo printing, intermittent die-cutting, slitting and rewinding. It has powerful and comprehensive functions and is simple and convenient to operate. .


The whole machine is fully servo driven, modular design, flexo printing unit can be applied to spot color printing, varnishing, cold foiling, lamination, equipped with high-performance UV/LED UV system, optional hot air or IR drying unit; intermittent The die-cutting unit enables quick interchange of full rotary die-cutting and intermittent modes. A convenient centralized control panel minimizes labor costs and material waste. It is suitable for short-term or medium and long-term order production, and it is a very cost-effective digital post-processing equipment.


The CDF introduced in this issue is an entry-level digital post-processing system with extremely high cost performance. As one of Brotech's best-selling models, we will conduct a practical demonstration at the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition to introduce its functions and features. , applicable scenarios, so stay tuned!