RFID Smart Label & EAS Label Converting System

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-31

RFID radio frequency identification technology has gradually been integrated into many fields and into our daily life, such as: financial payment, logistics, retail, manufacturing, medical treatment, identification, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, transportation, food, animal identification, library, Aviation, military and other industries.

Advantages and features include: long-distance reading, batch group reading capabilities, ensuring information security and confidentiality, and equipped with chips to achieve larger information storage space.

BROTECH's RFID post-processing system is a fully modularized multi-functional anti-counterfeiting label/card processing solution specially designed for the production of smart labels, security labels/cards and EAS labels.

Modular design of the whole machine, according to customer needs, it can be equipped with film peeling, Inlay positioning insertion, positioning lamination, intermittent flexo printing, full rotary flexo printing, intermittent die cutting, FRID reading and writing... Slitting, winding functions in one. One-stop production is very suitable for the high-end label packaging market with high requirements such as intelligence and anti-counterfeiting!