【Process Show】Label die-cutting post-processing solution

Column:Company News Time:2022-09-04

With the continuous improvement of market requirements, die-cutting, as a very important process in the post-processing of labels and packaging, is constantly being developed and updated.

Keeping pace with the times, applications that meet customers' different scenarios and needs drive BROTECH's R&D and development. Many years ago, BROTECH launched the TDL Tabel Top Die Cutting Machine specially designed for small batch production; in order to meet the needs of digital, customized and diversified terminals, after continuous innovation and research and development, we recently launched the SDD digital die-cutting system. This issue will give you a detailed introduction to their respective features and advantages.


SDD330 digital die-cutting system adopts innovative patented design, modular design, and supports any combination of single cutter head and multi cutter head. Maximize to meet the needs of customized, small batches, and short lead times.

The TDL Table Top Die Cutting Machine is a small-scale label post-processing system focused on small batch production, equipped with dry lamination and slitting functions, simple and fast operation, and flexible order changeover. Due to the small size of the equipment, it can be directly placed in offices and other places to achieve one-stop office label proofing.


BROTECH has launched SDD and TDL die-cutting equipment for two different application scenarios, providing the most efficient and suitable solutions for customers with different needs. They will all be demonstrated at the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition, please lock our booth number HALL F - No.5621, there will be a professional team to answer your questions, so stay tuned!