Shrink Sleeve Label Finishing System

Column:Company News Time:2022-09-06

The advanced technology of shrink sleeve label breaks through the design mode of traditional label, can create the effect of 360-degree surrounding product decoration, and has strong anti-counterfeiting, promotion and display functions, so it is gradually recognized by the terminal market, and its application scope is constantly expanding.

BROTECH insists on keeping pace with the times and has launched a complete set of high-speed and high-efficiency shrink sleeve labeling post-processing solutions - SMS shrink sleeve label seaming system, SMI shrink sleeve label  Inspection system, SMC shrink sleeve label cutting system, this issue will provide you with Demonstrate the features and advantages of one-stop processing solutions for shrink sleeve labels.

The whole machine of SMS shrink sleeve label seaming system is driven by a full server, equipped with ultrasonic correction sensors and a variety of gassing mechanisms.

Equipment introduction

The SMI shrink sleeve label inspection system is used to inspect the sleeve structure and find defects. It can automatically control the tension of rewinding and unwinding, and is equipped with a pneumatic clamping device, which is simple and convenient to operate.

The SMC shrink sleeve label cutting system is suitable for cutting from roll to sheet. The whole machine is fully servo-driven, and it can switch between automatic and manual modes freely; it can cut materials of different thicknesses at one time, and the equipped collection platform can realize the set quantity product collection.

Equipment introduction


The SMS, SMI and SMC introduced in this issue can be used in combination to provide a professional one-stop solution for shrink sleeve label processing. During the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition, SMS 500 equipment will be exhibited as the main model, allowing all exhibitors to experience BROTECH's high-quality shrink sleeve standard gassing solution!