Brotech Die Cutting Unit

Column:Company News Time:2022-10-22

As the most commonly used process in label and packaging molding, die-cutting has accelerated its pace of innovation in recent years and has become an important driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of label and packaging. At present, die-cutting technology is developing towards digital, intelligent, functional, modular and other directions.

The working principle is the forming process of forming a die cutting plate with a die cutter according to the pattern required by the product design, and rolling and cutting the printed matter or other round billets into the desired shape or cut mark under the effect of pressure. Generally, the die-cutting and indentation process is to combine the die-cutting cutter and the crimping cutter in the same template and perform die-cutting and indentation processing on the die-cutting machine at the same time, which is called die-cutting for short. The die cutting process is divided into semi wearing and full wearing. The processed products are widely used in medical care, logo, security, transportation, logistics, office supplies, electronic appliances, industrial manufacturing, daily necessities and other industries.

Die cutting equipment is mainly divided into three types: round pressing, round flattening and flat flattening according to the different forms of stamping. Among them, the round pressing die cutting equipment of Brotech Digital is composed of three rolls, namely, magnetic roll, bottom roll and cushion roll, which are fully servo driven. According to the production application, full wheel die cutting or intermittent die cutting can be selected. It is characterized by fast production speed, high production efficiency, and simple debugging, greatly reducing labor costs.

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