Column:Company News Time:2023-09-09

In the upcoming #Labelexpo Europe 2023, we will display an new version of SDF PLUS,the NEW SDF PLUS employs a brand-new modular and platform-based design, enabling it to easily switch workflow directions based on requirements, whether it's from left to right or right to left, it can handle both with ease.


Its unique platform-based design grants the flexibility of interchanging the flexo printing unit and die-cutting unit on the same platform. The upper sliding movable guide rail also facilitates the adjustment of positions between multiple units, such as the cold foil unit, turn bar and waste rewinder. Flexo printing and die-cutting heads can be exchanged on one platform for different sizes of 330/370/420/520. Furthermore, the equipment is equipped with a 90-degree rotatable hot foil unit, allowing it to flexibly switch between horizontal and vertical foil stamping directions, with a maximum pressure of up to 45 tons.


In addition to this, the NEW SDF PLUS can also be customized with a digital enhancement unit, including digital white ink and digital foil stamping functions, to meet various production requirements. With high speed, modularity, platform integration, and exceptional flexibility, the brand-new SDF PLUS aims to provide customers with more flexible and high-quality production solutions.