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SD digital die-cutting system

SD is a new type of digital die-cutting equipment.Compared with the traditional circular die-cutting or flat die-cutting, its die-cutting speed is fast, suitable for processing some large batch orders, but need to make die-cutting knife version, the order cycle is relatively long.

With the development of the market, the change of customer needs, the diversification of materials, and more and more short orders, urgent orders emerged.Need a digital die-cutting machine and digital printing machine perfect combination, fully meet the customer's short order, urgent order needs.

Bertrand digital die-cutting machine (SD) model, adopt innovative patent design, greatly reducing the traditional digital die-cutting machine waste of space, optional single bridge single pole head up to any combination of the cutting tools, can switch freely according to the customer orders, both speed and cost, the servo design, simple operation, in single rapid, parts replacement fast, support non-stop in single,Further improve production efficiency, support remote monitoring, quick troubleshooting and solving problems

Brotech SD330 Digital Cutting System




² 3” unwind shaft with servo driven

² 1*开卷单元,3英寸开卷轴,伺服控制放卷张力

² Automatic Stop on Roll End

² 纸卷结束自动停机装置

² Electronic Counter

² 预调整电子计数器

² Pre-set Slowdown

² 预设定减速

² 1 Electronic Web Guiding System and Ultrasonic Web Guide Sensor(FIFE)

² 完整的纠偏系统,超声波传感器 品牌(FIFE)

-Dry lamination device -干式腹膜机构

Digital Cutting Station(数字模切系统)

² Servo Driven Cutting Unit 

² 全伺服控制

² Automatic/ Manual Die Cutting Registration System

² 自动/手动定位系统

² Digital cutting heads ( Dual sets with 4 blades ), the dual sets can work seperately

² 数字切割头(双组4刀)双模切座可以独立工作

² Matrix Removal   排废装置

² Can switch orders without stopping

² 可以实现不停机换单

Single rewinds with 3” rewind shaft with servo driven


- Brotech touch screen operation interface博泰触摸屏操作面板


2. Tech Specifications:

Max. Web Width 最大走料幅宽


Max. Unwind Diameter  最大开卷卷径


Max. Rewind Diameter 最大收卷卷径


Max die cutting width   有效幅宽


Max. Line cutting speed of single blade 最大切割线速


Die cutting tolerance 模切精度

± 0.2mm

Repeat lenght 模切版长范围


Min. distance of between blades: (Cross web pass direction)  双刀最小切割间距:50mm(幅面方向


The distance range of between blade sets : (web pass direction)双座最小切割间距:10-250mm(此范围内任意数值)


Air Supply 压缩空气 

8 bar

Rating Voltage 额定电压

380V 3PH+ N+ PE