Brotech Germany CDF plus provides solutions for mask making

Column:Company News Time:2020-05-19

(2020.5.14 Shenzhen) novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred, and real-time statistics showed that the number of confirmed cases in the world exceeded 4 million 250 thousand, and the cumulative death rate was nearly 300 thousand. The domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled, while the European and American countries are very serious, causing global concern. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still complex and severe. Brotech also provides its own strength for epidemic prevention and control as much as possible.

The technicians of Brotech Germany office in Europe have successfully used cdf330 plus to provide a new idea for the production of protective masks. The protective mask is made of 500 μ m thick PET sheet, and the repetition cycle is about 700 mm, which poses a great challenge to the die cutting and collection process. However, after unremitting testing, Brotech team has successfully verified that cdf330 plus can be applied to the production of protective masks.

CDF Plus standard digital printing label post-processing system is a multi-functional and cost-effective label post-processing system, which integrates flexo printing full rotation, glazing, super glazing, cold stamping, laminating, die-cutting (intermittent), slitting, etc.; equipped with international leading UV system, simple and convenient operation, it can reduce the labor cost and reduce the waste of materials for our label manufacturers 。

Its most distinctive process units include full rotary flexo printing and intermittent die-cutting, which can be used for flexo printing, glazing, super glazing, cold stamping, laminating, etc. the full rotation and intermittent modes can be quickly interchanged, which are suitable for various magnetic or engraving die-cutting rollers, realizing a multi-functional label post-processing system.

This equipment can be used in the label of electronic and electrical appliances, daily chemical products, packaging, medicine, transportation, toys, logistics, clothing, anti-counterfeiting and other industries. It brings perfect experience for the users of intelligent post-processing solutions for label post-processing & digital printing.

Nowadays, Europe is short of medical resources. Such a new way is a blessing to countless friends in the epidemic area. The tenacious quality of Botai people, diversified corporate culture and the recognition of customers from the heart are the driving force for Brotech to keep calm and move forward.