Brotech and HP jointly explore new possibilities of digital printing

Column:Company News Time:2020-04-10

Nowadays, the image industry is not only satisfied with the photos mounted in the photo frame. In order to meet the user's demand for personalized print customization, the bold and innovative concept of "photo book" - developing the fun of life, photos can be customized. Let everyone get their own "exclusive memory".

H customer is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales, distribution and service. Under its continuous technological innovation, it has developed into a large enterprise integrating medium and high-end packaging printing, personalized image, on-demand printing, personalized packaging, and security printing. Relying on its strong R & D and production capacity, H customers are moving towards the grand goal of "let personalized printing enter thousands of households".

The development of the imaging industry makes customers explore new possibilities more diligently, so the solution given by the combination of "digital printing + Intelligent post-processing" can meet the increasing personalized demand. H customers were originally old enterprises specializing in traditional printing, but with their keen sense of smell, they found the powerful potential value of digital printing, so they are willing to pay huge financial and human resources to build professional digital printing workshops and open up new business scope for themselves.

As we all know, indigo 20000 digital printing machine was initially positioned in the flexible packaging and label market in the industrial field. With the deepening cooperation between HP and H customers, both sides believe that digital printing has enough imagination space for the development of commercial image outdoor advertising industry. In this regard, HP indigo headquarters attaches great importance to and quickly invests in the transformation and innovation of this product, thus giving birth to the world's first indigo20000c applied in the field of commercial imaging.

Compared with traditional printing press, digital printing machine has the following advantages:

a. It has the advantages of short cycle, no need of film, automatic pre press preparation, direct proofing provided by the printing machine, which saves the traditional plate and film, simplifies the plate making process, and eliminates a series of traditional printing process such as plate loading positioning, ink and water balance.

b. Real zero stock: 50 today, 100 tomorrow, print as much as you need.

c. The rapidity and flexibility of digital printing cannot be achieved by traditional printing. Because the printing plate or photosensitive drum in the digital printing machine can generate images in real time, even if the files are modified before printing, they will not cause or cause losses. You can change the image or text of each page as you print.

d. Online printing: all documents can be transmitted through Internet at high speed and long distance, and digital printing can be realized without leaving home.

Based on its strong foundation and experience in the field of post-processing, as well as years of solid cooperation with digital printers, Botai and HP have jointly developed the indigo 20000 near line post-processing system for "photo book" -- df800.

Df800 is designed for digital packaging printing products, modular design, full servo control, intelligent operation, very suitable for wide format printing of small or medium batch of digital printing post-processing technology; can be offline or online line for laminating, glazing, slitting, cutting sheet and stacking output. Perfect with HP indigo 20000 digital printing machine, suitable for flexible packaging, composite packaging, advertising, gift packaging, wallpaper, decorative paper, imaging, publishing, etc.

According to the needs of H customers for photo post-processing, Botai intelligent post-processing equipment can cooperate with HP indigo 20000 to provide bright film and dumb film lamination process, so as to realize customers' customized demand for photo book presentation effect.

For the new field of image industry, Botai's experimental connection solution successfully solves the customer's post-processing requirements for wide digital images, and has been recognized by both partners and customers. Botai is also the first in the industry to cross-border from label post-processing to image industry post-processing. This innovative and personalized solution has also won the favor of customers. At the same time, h's innovative "photo book" concept products are also widely praised by customers. Therefore, the cross-border cooperation between Botai and H customers has brought win-win results for each other.