Konica Minolta India cooperates with Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. to produce accuriopress 190 accessories

Column:Company News Time:2018-12-13

Konica Minolta recently cooperated with Brotech printing equipment Co., Ltd. The partnership aims to purchase accessories for Konica Minolta accurio press 190. After the merger, Konica Minolta India will promote the cooperation between accurio press 190 and the winder developed by Brotech.

Brotech printing equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in label post-processing equipment. It has assembled more than 700 sets of equipment in 45 countries around the world, and has established agent network in more than 40 countries

With the increasing demand for innovative label applications, Konica Minolta India, a company based in Konica Minolta India, hopes to profit from lucrative new business opportunities with its cutting-edge label printing and packaging solutions such as accurio label 190.

Accuriolabel 190 is equipped with accurio Pro print manager, with high-precision image processing and rendering capabilities, and provides first-class printing speed, performance, productivity and image stability. It consumes less paper, low power consumption, compact design, excellent media processing and convenient operation management, which makes it a perfect choice to meet the needs of label packaging and printing in the new era.

The operation speed of accuriolabel 190 production label digital printing system is 18.9 M / min, 256 color levels can be displayed in a unit pixel, and color and monochrome are processed with a resolution of 1200dpi 8 bits. Combined with the reproduction ability of digital toner HD e, small characters and fine lines can be printed clearly, and exquisite color images can be output with rich color scales. "S.e.a.d" imaging processing technology to meet diverse needs. Label substrate can be used for self-adhesive sticker, Yupo, pet, PP, synthetic paper, etc.