American label show 2018 ,Perfect ending

Column:Company News Time:2018-11-01

Brotech ends up in 2018

From September 25 to 27, 2018, the three-day American label exhibition, which was held in Chicago E. Stephens convention center of the United States, came to a perfect conclusion. In this exhibition, more than 400 leading international manufacturers and suppliers participated in the exhibition, of which 10% were Chinese exhibitors. The exhibition focuses on the latest label, packaging and printing solutions. Here, the audience saw the full range of products and technologies related to label and packaging printing, which is worthy of being the most authoritative exhibition in the industry.

As the industry leader of label post-processing & digital printing intelligent post-processing solutions, Brotech played a very important role in this exhibition. We have laid a solid foundation in the packaging and labeling market in America (including Latin America, Mexico and North America), paving the way for the future market development of our company. In this exhibition, Brotech sold more than ten of our main models, including SDF plus intelligent screen flat ironing label post processing system, CDF standard digital post printing processing system, new FS slitting rewinding and detection system, TDL desktop die cutting system. Due to the influence of Sino US trade war, the result of the exhibition exceeded all our expectations, further expanded our sales market in America and opened a new chapter in our international sales road.

Photo 1: we took a group photo with our customers at the scene

As early as before the start of the exhibition, we Brotech made full preparations, and the on-site staff are also the effective backbone with more than ten years' work experience and first-class technology. The on-site equipment display technology, material preparation, machine testing, construction, etc. are all done by our staff, and the American agent also gives us full support and help, so that we have a strong backing in this exhibition.

At the beginning of the exhibition, all of our staff were in good condition and attracted a large number of visitors to watch. At the same time, there are also a large number of label post-processing & digital printing intelligent post-processing solutions to consult and learn.

Fig. 2: grand scene of the exhibition

In this exhibition, Brotech has won an unprecedented victory, and we are looking forward to more label post-processing & digital printing intelligent post-processing solutions in the future. Brotech is willing to grow with you and bring you the most suitable intelligent post-processing solution.

Photo 3: group photo of Botai staff

Next, we will be able to make a detailed introduction of our hot equipment in this exhibition.

1.SDF PLUS 330: it is an intelligent screen flat stamping label post-processing system, which integrates independent research and development of lithography stamping, lithography screen and flat die-cutting. It can flexibly combine the batch / full rotation interchangeable flexo printing unit and intermittent / full rotation die-cutting unit with national invention patent, and can also be upgraded to connect with digital printing machine to realize intelligent and efficient digital post-processing system Customers provide all-round, high-quality one-stop label post-processing solutions.

2. Cdf330: it is a multi-functional and cost-effective label post-processing system, which integrates flexo printing full rotation, glazing, super glazing, cold stamping, laminating, die cutting (intermittent), slitting, etc.; equipped with the international leading UV system, it is easy to operate; it can reduce the labor cost and material waste to the maximum extent.

3. New fs330: new FS is a label quality inspection, slitting and rewinding equipment. It adopts 3 "76mm international imported servo driven unwinding shaft and winding shaft. It is equipped with world-class automatic detection system and advanced eccentric shear slitting cutter roller, which can realize high-speed slitting, rewinding and 100% defect detection of labels with a maximum diameter of 700mm.

4. TDL desktop die cutting machine: it is a small label post-processing system focusing on small batch production, and can also be upgraded to add dry laminating function. It is very suitable for the enterprises which do not pursue high speed and mass production, but also have production process requirements.


Thank you for your reading and support. Botai will be with you.