Installation of a second Brotech CDF 330 Plus at AJK Etiketten -und Barcodesysteme GmbH

Column:Company News Time:2021-12-18

 "The system can be used like a Swiss Army Knife " says a pleased Andreas Jost, managing director of AJK Etiketten- und Barcodesysteme GmbH in Langen / D.  This statement relates to the installation of the second CDF 330 within four weeks.

 The Brotech CDF Plus is a very compact, multifunctional finishing line for flexo graphic printing, varnishing, film cold transfer, lamination, punching, cutting, slitting of the back web with semi-turret rewinding.  What is special about the Plus series, however, is the sheeter with delivery and moving conveyor belt.  Here A4, A3 and other standard formats can be output as sheet goods.  That was an important decision criterion for AJK.

 The employees are now trained on both existing systems.  This creates flexibility in contract manufacturing.  AJK is thus able to process large orders in parallel with the same tools or to produce small orders separately in a short set-up time.  The subject of delivery times is therefore a real competitive advantage for AJK in the future. 

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