SMS Shrink Sleeve Label Seaming System

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-19

In recent years, the development momentum of the shrink sleeve label market has become stronger and stronger. Its fitting appearance breaks through the design of traditional labels, creating a 360-degree surround product decoration effect; combined with the gloss of raw materials, it presents a high-end printing effect; suitable for various special-shaped bottles , has a wide range of applications; has strong anti-counterfeiting, promotion and display functions, so more and more brands begin to use shrink sleeve labels for packaging innovation and product promotion.

In line with the trend of "the times", Brotech has launched a high-speed and high-efficiency shrink sleeve labeling system - SMS500/SMS760, which is specially used to combine PVC, PET, PE, POF, etc. High-quality shrink sleeve gassed solution.

1. The whole SMS 500 is driven by a full server, equipped with ultrasonic rectification sensors and a variety of folded palm mechanisms, and is equipped with an automatic width adjustment system, which can accurately measure the folded palm width in real time online and automatically calibrate the folded palm width. Control the amount of glue applied to avoid glue breakage and glue leakage.

2. Customers can choose a slitting trimming unit, a waste edge unit, a dotted line unit, a venting unit, etc. according to their needs, so as to carry out high-quality and high-efficiency production processes.

The SMS introduced in this issue is a high-speed and efficient shrink sleeve labeling system, which can be used in combination with the SMC shrink sleeve label cutting system and the SMI shrink sleeve label detection system to provide professional one-stop service. During the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition, SMS 500 equipment, as our main model, will allow all exhibitors to experience Brotec's high-quality shrink sleeve standard gassing solution!