TDL Tabel Top Die Cutting Machine

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-25

Die-cutting refers to a very important process in the post-processing of labels and packaging. The die-cutting process is used to cut the printed matter into shapes according to the designed graphics. The application fields are very wide; including electronic appliances, daily chemical products, packaging, medicine, transportation, logistics, toys, clothing, anti-counterfeiting and other industries. In the face of small batch orders with high process requirements, traditional large-scale die-cutting machines often cannot play a good role; therefore, small-volume, high-precision TDL desktop die-cutting machines have unique advantages and have great market potential. .


TDL Tabel Top Die Cutting Machine is a small-scale label finishing system focused on small batch production, suitable for production and proofing of low-to-medium-speed, small batch orders. Due to the small size of the equipment, it can be directly placed in offices and other places without space constraints; the operation is simple and fast, and the order conversion is flexible. It is also equipped with dry lamination and slitting functions. Customers can choose pneumatic devices according to the conditions of use to help realize one-stop office label proofing.


The TDL desktop die-cutting machine introduced in this issue, as the smallest and most exquisite equipment in Brotech's LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition, is small and powerful. We will show you its unique features during the exhibition. Welcome to visit our booth at HALL F - No.5621!