SDF PLUS Smart Modular Designed Digital Printed Label Converting & Finishing System

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-30

SDF PLUS Smart Modular Designed Digital Printed Label Converting & Finishing System is a comprehensive equipment that integrates various post-press processing functional units. It has three core features of high scalability, easy operation and high efficiency. The whole machine adopts modular design and is based on standard units. Various functional units can be purchased according to process requirements for expansion, which maximizes the flexibility of combined post-processing and greatly improves work efficiency.

It is the first choice for post-processing of high value-added labels such as red wine and luxury goods.

1. The whole machine is fully servo controlled and fully modularized. SDF PLUS is equipped with flat hot stamping unit (hot stamping pressure>45 Tons), intermittent flexo printing unit, flat screen unit, full web flexo graphic printing unit, intermittent die cutting, snowball waste discharge, slitting unit, etc.; based on people The movable control panel designed with the principle of mechanical engineering is easy to set up and operate, the equipment is powerful and comprehensive, and the operation is stable and smooth. It is mainly used in the production of multi-process, high-precision requirements and high value-added orders.


2. A variety of process units are available for customers to choose from, and at the same time, corona units, flat die-cutting units, laser die-cutting units, rotary screen printing units, lamination/uncovering, and in-mold standard collection units can also be integrated according to different needs.


The SDF PLUS intelligent modular digital post-processing system introduced in this issue is the core of the six equipment that BROTECH will exhibit at LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022, and it is also one of the most representative of BROTECHs strategic direction and growth history. Each update and iteration of it is full of the R&D and innovation spirit of BROTECH people. Overcoming difficulties in technology and production again and again, precision manufacturing upholding the spirit of craftsmen makes it continue to move towards higher quality and has better adaptability to the end market.

Looking forward to meeting you at booth number HALL F - No.5621, so that you can actually experience its powerful functions!