[Best-selling recommendation] Digital Label Finishing System

Column:Company News Time:2022-09-02

In recent years, the industrial application of digital printing in the label printing industry is "blooming at multiple points", and innovation is continuous. It has the characteristics of small batch, short delivery time, personalized customization, etc. It has outstanding advantages in the field of label printing.

BROTECH CDF and SDF-E are just two post-processing solutions for digital printing labels. Next, we will introduce their advantages and features.


CDF  digital finishinsystem is an entry-level, popular and best-selling multi-functional digital label post-processing system that is popular among domestic and foreign customers. It integrates full rotary flexo printing, intermittent die cutting, slitting and rewinding. Simple and convenient.


SDF-E digital finishing system adopts modular design, which is a system that integrates perfect cost performance and multi-functional solutions. It can be expanded according to the process requirements, such as adding additional flexo printing units to achieve one pass to complete processes such as coating, printing, cold foiling, lamination, etc. It can also be equipped with hot air drying or I/R drying for water-based coating. ; Multiple groups of die-cutting units, automatic slitting units; cutting single sheets or internal mold standards to expand the scope of application of the equipment.

CDF and SDF-E are BROTECH's two enduring best-selling models. They have their own characteristics and can adapt to different end-use scenarios. They are extremely cost-effective. CDF can be used as entry-level digital printing label post-processing equipment, while SDF-E can meet more complex process requirements through expansion units, with powerful and comprehensive functions.

We will demonstrate the two devices on-site at the LABELEXPO AMERICAS 2022 exhibition, so stay tuned for HALLF - No.5621!