Brotech Flexo Unit

Column:Company News Time:2022-10-19

Flexographic printing technology is a kind of printing method that uses 1-5mm photosensitive resin plate as printing plate, and uses water based ink, alcohol soluble ink or UV ink to print by transferring ink through the anilox ink roller. The flexographic printing equipment has high cost performance ratio and high return on investment. The ink used for printing conforms to the environmental protection and is widely used in labels, food packaging printing, cartons, books and periodicals and other fields. It has the following advantages:

1. The equipment is simple in structure, simple and convenient in operation.

2. Flexographic printing uses reel materials, which can not only realize the double-sided printing of printing materials, but also complete online polishing (or film covering), bronzing, die cutting, waste discharge, winding and other work. It greatly shortens the production cycle, saves manpower, material resources and financial resources, reduces production costs and improves economic benefits.

3. A wide range of printing materials, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, self-adhesive paper, etc.

4. Good printing quality, rich levels of printed materials, bright colors, and good visual effect.

5. The new water-based ink and solvent based ink are non-toxic and pollution-free, fully meeting the requirements of environmental protection and food packaging.

In order to better meet the production needs of customers, Brotech developed intermittent flexography on the basis of full rotation flexography, and won the national invention patent in 2013. At the same time, the intermittent flexographic printing and full rotation flexographic printing modes are interchangeable.

The flexographic printing unit of Brotech: full servo drive, petal design, mainly used forflexo printing, spot varnish, super varnish, cold foil, lamination, etc. It is easy to operate and can really change orders quickly. It is suitable for the production needs of short orders, medium orders and long orders.