A new DL420 has just finished installation in PrintRays

Column:Company News Time:2022-11-02

It’s so exciting to see a new DL420 has just finished installation in #PrintRays which specializes in manufacturer of Printed Monocartons Labels, Stickers and Pre folded inserts , located in Jallandhar City (PUNJAB) in India.The installation and trainning is done by our local agent Weldon Celloplast Limited. Harveer Sahni Kanwardeep Sahni

DL420 features semi rotary die cutting unit and a conveyor. It is suitable for offline finishing of in-mold labels and other varieties of labels. 

To celebrate the new installation,machine is decorated with flower and #Vishwakarma(the God of machines and tools) for best wishes.

Congratulation to team Print Rays Ankit Kapoor