Looking back on Drupa

Column:Company News Time:2024-06-14

Looking back on Drupa, among 400+ Chinese exhibitors, Brotech utilized a 200 sqm booth to showcase label finishing and converting systems. We presented our latest R&D achievements, emphasizing market recognition and exceptional prowess in digital print finishing.

At our booth, agents from over 40 countries joined us in welcoming thousands of print and packaging companies from dozens nations. We secured numerous deals on-site with enterprises from Italy, Germany, across Europe, as well as clients from North and Central Africa, the Middle East, Armenia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and more. This resulted in nearly 30 on-site orders—far surpassing expectations. This global collaboration promises innovative opportunities for Brotech's future development.

The Drupa theme "we create the future" aptly embodies Brotech's exploration and practice in digital print finishing. Our showcased solutions underscore the tremendous potential and prospects of digital technology in the print industry. 

We are grateful for the support of our global clientele and appreciate the understanding and assistance from all our partners. Brotech will continue to offer exceptional products and quality services to global customers. We look forward to seeing you at Drupa 2028!