SDF-E Digital Label Fnishing System

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SDF-E Digital Label Fnishing System


With modular design, SDF-E series is a perfect cost-effective and multi-functional combo, it can be expanded with options according to the process that increases the effectiveness of an operation such as additional flexo stations for coating, printing, cold foil/lamination in one pass, hot air (I/R) dryer for water-based primer or printing, auto-slitting unit, sheeting or IML stations to expand application range. A small footprint with short web path to minimize waste but highly accurate in terms of precision for cutting and registration.


Max web width340mm430mm250mm
Max unwind diameter700mm700mm700mm
Max rewind diameter600mm600mm600mm
Max die cutting width330mm420mm520mm
Max semi-rotary die cutting speed70m/min70m/min70m/min
Semi-rotary die cutting repeat length457mm457mm457mm
Max machanical speed130m/min130m/min130m/min
Die cutting registration tolerance±0.15mm±0.15mm±0.15mm
Air supply8bar8bar8bar
Rating voltage3PH+N+PE3PH+N+PE3PH+N+PE
Machine weight2.5T2.8T3T


Standard Features:

Full-rotary/semi-rotary flexo unit, for printing, spot varnish, super varnish, cold foil, lamination.

Full-rotary/semi-rotary die cutting unit, matrix remover, slitting and dual rewind.

Suitable for magnetic cylinder or solid cylinder.


Fully automatic servo driven flexo unit, for flexo printing, cold foil, lamination, varnish and super varnish, UV/LED UV dryer with chilling roller to keep stable tension and steady temperature at all speeds.

Servo driven die cutting is with automatic registration system, can be exchanged between full-rotary and semi-rotary mode. Suitable for short or medium run jobs, especially for digital printed labels.

Hot air(I/R) dryer is as option for water-based primer, coating, lamination etc. Also auto-slitting and IML can be installed upon client request.


All digitally printed finishing electronics, cosmetics, packaging, logistics, toys, pharmaceutical, garments, security.


Standard material thickness is 35~280µm of film/paper/adhesive material/light carton board paper, other special materials need to be tested.