Brotech expert on customized label

Column:Company News Time:2019-12-20

Personalized customization is a new mode of production urgently needed by enterprises in the new market environment. It is closer to the unique needs of individuals. It is booming with the advent of the digital printing era. The continuous development of digital printing is changing our production mode and production environment, and also changing the experience of consumers to a certain extent. Our society is in the middle of a digital revolution similar to the early industrial revolution. We are always concerned about social change. And quickly from the analog era into the digital era, has achieved the digitization of text, image, audio and video. Digital data can be easily created, stored, restored, edited and transmitted. In the digital world, we can't communicate without the Internet, email and mobile phones. Portable devices have begun to integrate GPS and MP3 functions. In a very short time, a single device can provide all the technical functions we need. People are pursuing "special" and "different", in other words, people increasingly need their own customization. "The future manufacturing industry is not standardization and scale, but a combination of digitalization, customization and intelligence," Ma Yun said at the big data Intelligence Summit of China smart Expo What Botai has done is to keep up with the market demand and always maintain the leading level of post packaging processing of digital printing labels. In the fields of logistics label, wine label, food label, anti-counterfeiting label, intelligent label (RFID), IOT label and other fields, we continue to provide efficient and intelligent post-processing solutions for label and packaging printing enterprises at home and abroad.