Brotech your best friend in the development of digital label post printing processing

Column:Company News Time:2018-11-19

From November 22 to 25, 2018, the 4-day India International label printing exhibition was held in India Expo Center, New Delhi, India. As one of the leaders of digital label printing and post-processing, Brotech will certainly not miss this exhibition. At the same time, it also brings India the most suitable intelligent after processing solution for its market demand.

Photo 1: group photo of field staff

According to the latest trade data, the annual growth rate of trade volume between China and India in 2017 was 18.63%, reaching 84.44 billion US dollars, which is regarded as a milestone of bilateral trade volume. India's consumer market is booming, but India's local manufacturers are few, which makes the region's demand for Chinese made equipment and products growing. India International label printing exhibition is the largest professional exhibition of its kind in the region, which brings new opportunities for our Chinese exhibitors. In this exhibition, Brotech is fully prepared to welcome this grand exhibition. It is also in this exhibition that Brotech has accumulated a lot of experience and signed more than 5 machines on site. Brotech's booth is full of people.

Figure2:Brotech booth spectacular scene

Figure 3: Brotech staff and customers in-depth conversation

Figure 4: group photo of senior people in the industry

In this exhibition, Brotech has achieved considerable results, which has laid a solid foundation for us to further explore the Indian market. We believe that Brotech will be your most loyal and reliable partner for intelligent post processing in the future development of Indian label market.

Next, Xiaobian will introduce the star products in the Indian market launched in this exhibition

Dl330 label multi function die cutting system

Dl330 direct servo driven die-cutting unit is full rotation or intermittent type, flexible and changeable, which can be upgraded according to customer requirements; it is suitable for short, medium and long label roll to roll or roll to sheet die-cutting; it can die-cut (full wear, half wear), slitting, collection platform and other functions; it is easy to operate and has high efficiency.

Process unit:

1. Die cutting unit: it can be configured with full wheel or intermittent mode, various magnetic or engraving die-cutting rollers; it is suitable for die-cutting processing of short order, medium and long label orders, especially for digital printing label orders.

2. Slitting unit: adopt the advanced eccentric cutting cutter roller to ensure the accurate cutting size and realize the stability and accuracy of the whole cutting process. Cutting, cutting and pressing are available for customers. They can also be equipped at the same time.

3. Collection platform: servo driven mobile standard or in membrane label collection platform, the speed of the paper receiving table can be adjusted independently; the segmented precise control is adopted.

Product advantages or advanced R & D process:

1. Automatic / manual die cutting registration system, servo direct drive, suitable for all kinds of magnetic or engraving die-cutting roller, to ensure high-precision die-cutting and reduce material waste. It can be configured with full rotation or intermittent mode, which is suitable for short order, medium and long label orders, especially for digital printing label orders. Simple operation and high efficiency.

2. Modular design, flexible printing unit and die cutting unit can be added as required

End market applications:

Electronic and electrical appliances, daily chemical products, packaging, medicine, transportation, toys, logistics, clothing, anti-counterfeiting and other industry labels.

Finally, at the next India International label printing exhibition 2020, we will prepare a bigger surprise for you. We look forward to your visit again.