TDL Table Top Die Cutting Machine

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TDL Table Top Die Cutting Machine

The Brotech TDL table top die cutting machine, a compact label finishing system which focuses on small run production orders including self-Adhesive film lamination. Perfect for small to medium size production and proofing at low and medium speeds. Compact footprint allows easy and fast operation and flexible digital job changes in a limited space like office.



 Max web width 340mm
 Max unwind diameter 350mm
 Max rewind diameter 350mm
 Max mechanical speed 15m/min
 Die cutting registration tolerance ±0.20mm
 Rated voltage 3PH+N+PE
 Size (length × width × height) 1.2 × 1.3 × 1.6m
 Machine weight 650KG


Standard material is thickness 35-250um of film / paper / adhesive material / light carton board paper, other special materials need to be tested.



Electronics, cosmetics, packaging, pharmaceutical, toys, logistics, garments, security, etc.



1. Focus on small-volume production and compact label post-processing system, suitable for production and proofing of low-speed, small-volume orders. The operation is simple and quick, and the order conversion is flexible.

2. Small size of the machine, it can be placed directly in the office and other places, regardless of space constraints, depending on the conditions of use, whether or not have pneumatic for whole machine is required.

3. Now upgrade to add dry lamination & razor blade & slitting function to achieve one-stop office label proofing.