SMS Shrink Sleeve Label Seaming System

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SMS Shrink Sleeve Label Seaming System

SMS Shrink Sleeve Label Seaming System

SMS series is specially used for seaming PVC, PET and other color-printed shrink film materials into roll-shaped packaging materials, beverage label etc. The seam is where the edges of the shrink material are glued together to make sleeves.



 MODEL SMS 500 SMS 700
 Max web width 500mm 700mm
 Max unwind diameter 600mm 600mm
 Max rewind diameter 600mm 600mm
 Finishing products width 250mm 350mm
 Max. speed 400m/min 400m/min
 Width precision accuracy 0-0.5mm 0-1mm
 Solvent application width 1mm 2mm
 Paper core size 3’’ inch (Option 6’’ inch) 3’’ inch (Option 6’’ inch)
 Width web measuring device Yes Yes
 UV detection Yes Yes
 Dispensing valve Yes Yes
 Voltage 3PH+N+E 3PH+N+E


Food, beverage, healthcare, household chemicals, health and beauty.


1. Cantilever design, full servo control.

2. Ultrasonic web guiding sensor.

3. A variety of seaming unit can accurately control the width of the material after seaming, and the seaming width remain unchanged at any speed.

4. Precisely control the amount of glue applied to avoid glue breakage, glue leakage.

5. Oscillating transversal movement rewinding, winding closed loop tension control.

6. Trimming unit, Lateral air trim extractor, perforating , vent hole functions as option unit.